𓁹About the Wizard𓁹

Hail and well met friend!
My name is Yarrow, an experimental wizard in the digital realm. This being my personal pocket dimension I shall fill this space with my interests, images, and arcane writings!
A bit about me
I am a being of ill-defined edges, born from the experiments of two talented alchemists, and raised between the sea and the mountains. My magical training is largely self directed, and focused mainly on working with the spirits of the natural environment, and my own creative energies.
My foray into the realm of web-magicks is a recent one. Before I found the long streams of sigils and spells required in this craft to be intimidating, but never the less,
I find the possibilities afforded to a web-mage in sharing their crafts across these vast inter-connected dimensions to be too interesting to ignore! And besides, with the increasingly corperate, capitalist, and controlled forms of the majority of the web, having one's own space bereft of all that is incedibly and increasingly valuable.

𓆣Some of my interests!𓆣


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