Wizard Yarrow's Digital Dimension

Welcome Internet Traveller, to the Digital Pocket Dimension of Novice Wizard Yarrow ^ↀᴥↀ^

This pocket of Web-Magick opens itself to you, to peruse Wizard Yarrow's many works.

Greetings good fellow, to my Web-magick tower laboratory wherein I shall be practicing my spells, casting words and images from my mind and fingers to your eyes and brain! I am a self taught wizard, so expect free-style web-magicks, as well as whatever creations I am able to transmogrify onto the digital and into this sanctuary! I am a wizard of creation and experimentation!

☆I am as of yet but a novice in the Web-Wizarding arts, and as such this pocket dimension shall be a work-in-progress for some time. Judge not my friend, lest you look a fool, for every master was once an apprentice, and works of great skill may only be accheived through much honing of craft!☆

☞About the Wizard☜

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